Elmer, Dan and Kristie


Location / Africa
Country / South Africa
Mission Board / Gospel Fellowship Association

About Us

Both Daniel and Kristie trusted Jesus Christ as their Saviour when they were young. As children, they realized that because of their sin, they would spend an eternity in hell, separated from the perfect Holy God. They accepted God's free gift of salvation and received forgiveness of their sin and the promise of an eternity in heaven with God.

As a teenager and then later, as an electrical engineer, Daniel enjoyed participating in short-term summer mission trips. The Lord used these experiences to lead him to go to the small island of Molokai, Hawaii to teach at a Christian school.  After three years ministering there, the Lord led Daniel to return to the mainland and enter seminary. He also gained a burden to train local pastors and Christian workers to reach the country of Zambia for Christ. He then had the opportunity to teach at the Central Africa Baptist college and work with church planting ministries. 

Kristie grew up on the mission field in Kenya and Zambia. When she entered the nursing program at Bob Jones University, she knew that she did not want to be a missionary. But she still had a love and burden for the people among whom she grew up. She knew people there needed to hear God's message of forgiveness and salvation.  God changed her heart one day as she was praying for the people of Zambia. God impressed upon her that she couldn't pray for God to send someone to Zambia unless she was willing to go herself.  She surrendered her life to God and with the surrender came the desire to serve God on the mission field. The Lord led her back to Zambia where she ministered to the deaf and to people's physical needs in a wound-care clinic while sharing how Christ could heal them spiritually. 

Daniel and Kristie met in Zambia and married in January 2008. After a year back in the United states for furlough and further deputation, they returned to Zambia in January 2009. In 2011, the Lord called them to serve in South Africa to serve in a Bible institute and church-planting ministry.