Bergman, Roger and Mary


Location / Europe
Country / Spain
Website / www.esperantzasendoa.com
Mission Board / World Wide New Testament Baptist Mission

About Us

Roger was saved when a Senior in High school. He had gone to church all his life and had been active. At the time he got saved (January, 1979), he was actually the leader of his church youth group. The Lord brought great conviction to his heart about his pride and saved him during a special evangelistic meeting. He was off to Bob Jones University the following year, eventually graduating with a Bible major and Spanish minor, fully convinced as of his sophomore year that God had called him as a missionary to Spain. He spent an extended part of that summer in Spain, getting to know the land of his calling. During his Junior and Senior years at BJU, he gravitated to Spanish-based outreach ministries connected with BJU, and after he and Mary were married, they were heavily involved in the Spanish ministry of Faith Baptist Church until they started deputation and left for the field.

Mary was saved shortly after her parents' conversion. The family had been Roman Catholic prior to each one getting saved. Mary was conscious of her need to be saved before attending an evangelistic crusade in Raleigh, NC. She professed faith in Christ at that time, at 12 years of age. After that, God was gracious to her, eventually leading her to BJU where she met Roger. During the summer after they met, God worked in Mary's heart to bring her to yield herself to do whatever His will would be for her life.

The Bergman family has been serving the Lord as pioneer church-planters in Bera, Navarra, in the Basque region of Spain since 1991. Roger stays busy teaching English classes and taking Basque classes, coaching or refereeing for local basketball teams, distributing gospel literature and anything else that allows him to have regular contact with people in order to give them the gospel. Mary is involved in outreach to, and discipleship of young women. Their church has a storefront display window where they regularly put up a different evangelistic theme or Bible story. They have four children.