Blumer, Kris and Rose Marie


Location / South America
Country / Peru
Mission Board / World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions

About Us

The Blumers were directed by the Lord in 2000 to leave their home and work in Florida for further ministry training in Greenville, South Carolina.  They expectantly watched God work in their lives in wonderful ways.  As they step out again in faith, they know He is faithful who also called them. They traveled to South America as they were prompted by the Lord to do so, and sensed the spiritual heartbeat of Peru for themselves.  In order to be placed immediately on the field, they are initially being called to serve, love, and disciple in a well-established work.  The next generation of Church Planters, Pastors, Schoolteachers, and Missionaries are sitting at their feet in LaMolina Christian School (LMCS)

Because LMCS is bilingual, they began ministry a soon as they arrived in Peru. Language acquisition is proceeding well. The Blummers have had formal classes (one-on-one with the teacher), for the last 3 months. The Bible study in their home works when they have translators.  They are helping a two year old church plant, and believe the Lord might use them to plant another church on the other side of town.  This is their ultimate goal; learning the language and planting a new church in the surrounding areas of Lima.  They have also been standing along side a troubled church in the area that is seeking a new national pastor.  They took a four day trip into the jungle at Pucalipa with a friend.  They ministered to a church there along the river.  They would like to add this work to their outreach as well. 

 Kris teaches  eight Bible classes to 98 students five days per week.  He is also developing and introducing a new curriculum.  The goal of this is to augment the Christian worldview through Bible doctrines, lectures, and books of the Bible that show the example of Christ in their lives.  Rose Marie is teaching three year olds.  They don’t know English, and she does not speak Spanish.