Pastor's Heart on USA Church Planting

The USA needs churches! Consider the following staggering statistics:

1. There are now 195 million non-churched people in America, making America one of the 4 largest “unchurched” countries in the world. Only China, India, and Indonesia have larger non-churched populations.

2. No county in America has a greater church population than it did ten years ago.

3. Each year 3,500 to 4,000 churches in America close their doors forever, yet only 1,100 to 1,500 new churches are started.

4. There are more than 1,200 communities in the Western states with no independent Baptist church within a 30 mile radius.

If we desire to make a greater difference in our nation and ultimately the mission fields of the world, we must make significant, strategic and sustained church planting efforts a core of our strategy. It is my conviction that planting new churches is the single most effective methodology for reaching the world with the gospel.

It is our goal to develop a church planting internship program here at Faith. This would include having the church planter serve on our staff for one year. This would allow him to be fully immersed in our philosophy of ministry as well as be given encouragement and guidance as he prepares for God’s call to USA church planting. It would be our desire to have a substantial financial part in the first two years of the church planter’s support. Field visits by one of the Pastors would be planned periodically in the first two years to provide encouragement, training, and assistance.

Continue to pray for this vision that God has placed on my heart.


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