Memorial Day | Special Services

Faith Baptist Church honors those who have given their life in the service of their country. We seek to honor them on Sunday, May 28th. In between our morning and afternoon services, we will have a dinner on the grounds. We look forward to the fellowship together!


  • 9:30am morning service

  • 11:15am meal in the bridge

  • 12:15pm afternoon service

Instructions for the meal

What to bring:

• Every family brings two dishes: 1 meat and either a vegetable, salad or dessert, enough for your family + 3-4 extra servings
• Everything should be brought already fully cooked, fully prepared and cut/sliced into pieces ( desserts and roasts especially).
• Bring them in disposable containers, like sturdy foil trays (not flimsy ones like you can purchase at the Dollar Tree). Disposable serving utensils are helpful as well.
• If your entree has multiple components, we cannot be responsible to keep them together for you.
     Examples: meat & rice, turkey & dressing, BBQ & rolls, salad & dressing
• Drinks will be provided by the church.
• Hot/warm food will be kept in warmers; the ovens will NOT be turned on.
• No refrigeration will be available.
• If you are preparing/bringing gluten-free food, sign up on a separate sheet in the notebook so that Don and Joy Parrott will know what you are bringing.
• We cannot be responsible for your portable carriers, like Pyrex.
• It would be very helpful if you would put a label on the outside of your container identifying what it is.
What about crockpots? Be sure all pieces of your crockpot are labeled so that you can find all of them afterwards.
Where do I bring my food? Drop your dishes off at the Bridge between 8:00 and 9:30 a.m. before the morning service. There will be people there to take them in for you.

What about my food/dishes after the meal?

• Dishes must be removed from the Bridge after the lunch.
• Plan to bring a cooler that you can put your leftover food in if you plan to keep the food; then take it to your car before the 2nd service.
• Please be aware that anything left behind will be disposed of.