Dinner on the Grounds, May 26


Our morning service will be at the normal time of 9:30 AM, followed by our dinner in the Bridge, and at about noon we will have our final service for the day.

We ask that you bring two items

  1. A main course, and
  2. A side dish or dessert

Each family, please bring enough for your family and for 2-3 more people. 

There will be a gluten-free table set up as well for those who want to bring gluten free food and desserts.

Food drop off

The Bridge will be open before the morning service, and you may drop off your food items so they can be set up and ready to go for the meal. 

  • Make sure your desserts are already cut.
  • As much as possible, use disposable containers and serving utensils.
  • Mark your name on any crockpots, lids, and dishes you wish to take back home.

Please contact the church office if you have any questions.