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Ramzi Kammar was born in Beirut, Lebanon, into a Greek family. In 1966 he heard the Gospel message from a teacher in a Christian school and got saved. Ruth was born in Sidon, Lebanon, where she was raised in a Catholic home. After receiving a Bible from her brother, she read through the New Testament and was saved in 1985.

While working as an accountant for the 3M company in 1979, the Lord called Ramzi into the ministry through a missionary pastor.  In 1982 he returned to Sidon, Lebanon, with a burden for church planting. 

In 1988 he started another church in southern Lebanon near the borders with Israel which resulted in his deportation in 1991 to Israel.    It was during this time that Ruth became an active member in the church. Ramzi then went to Jerusalem (leaving behind a prospering church) to start another church.  In 1993, Ruth also moved to Jerusalem and was married to Ramzi.

Ramzi has written a commentary on the book of Revelation as well as a reference study Bible that has taken him 34 years to complete which God has used in the Arabic language that has reached over a million people from Alaska to Africa and Europe and the entire Middle East.

The Kammars have four churches in Jerusalem under the umbrella of their ministry and are now going back to Israel to start a fifth church.       

The Kammars have three children: George, Peter, and Kristi.