Perrott, Roger and Nola


Location / Asia
Country / Hong Kong
Mission Board / Christian Missionary Clearing House

About Us

Roger was born into an unsaved home.  However, two of his siblings got saved through a gospel witness at school.  Roger was saved through their influence and then led his two sisters to Christ.  A few years later Roger’s parents got saved.  Nola grew up in a Christian home and was saved during a Vacation Bible School. 

Roger and Nola graduated from Bob Jones University and were called into missions by the influence of Mission Prayer Band.  As they prayed, they felt the Lord leading them to Hong Kong.

They went to Hong Kong in 1990.  They were instrumental in the planting of two fundamental churches, one of which is now fully autonomous.  In 1997, Roger also led in starting the Chinese Fundamental Baptist Institute for training local church leadership.  That school has now trained 80 lay leaders from six churches and six local pastors.  As field leader and president of the Institute, he led in recruiting missionaries and training local men, so that now there are nine fundamental churches in Hong Kong and two men are now starting churches in Taiwan and China. 

The Perrott’s burden is to return in the spring of 2018 to start more churches and disciple Chinese believers.