Barnett, Earl and Joan


Location / North America
Country / United States
Website / http://www.akbeb.com/eb.html
Mission Board / Valley Independent Baptist Mission (VIBM)

About Us

Earl is a native of Hendersonville, NC.  He was saved at 12 years of age in 1950.  He was called to preach on July 5, 1959.  He was ordained in the ministry by Mountain Home Independent Baptist Church after graduation from Bob Jones University in 1963.  Joan is from Batavia, Iowa.  They met while students at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. They were married June 6, 1964 and have four children.  

In addition to serving as pastor, Earl served the Lord in various leadership capacities of the Alaska Baptist Association for over 20 years. Prior to returning to King Cove, he served for 17 years on the Board of Trustees of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. He presently serves on the Executive Board of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International and is the State Coordinator of the Alaska Regional of the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship International.  

After serving at Soldotna Baptist Church for 25 years, the Barnett's entered into a unique threefold ministry.  Three months out of the year they would be involved in Midnight Sun Ministries in Alaska. MSM is a summer mission team ministry in bush Alaska staffed by college age students. There have been over 60 students involved in this ministry.  Three months out of the year they would minister at the Valley Independent Baptist Missions headquarters in Donna, Texas and six months a year they were in itinerate ministry representing VIBM as Field Representative. They continued this ministry for 9 years until they came to minister again in King Cove.  In the ministry as VIBM's Field Representative they pulled a 34-foot travel trailer over 100,000 miles, speaking in mission meetings in 200 plus churches.