Snodgrass, Emily


Location / South America
Country / Peru
Mission Board /

About Us

Emily thanks the Lord that she was born into a Christian family and heard the gospel many times.  When she was a little girl her mother led her to faith in Jesus, and several years later she was baptized.

When she was in the sixth grade God used her family, church, and Christian school experiences to give her a desire to be involved in foreign missions.  A few years later she surrendered her life to serve in whatever way that God desired.  God used His Word and circumstances, including a mission trip to Puerto Rico, Spanish-language preparation in high school and college, camp counseling experience, studying women’s ministries in college, and graduate studies in education, to call her to Peru as a missionary teacher in 2008.

For eight years she had the privilege of teaching full-time in a bilingual Christian school in Lima. At the same time she served alongside veteran missionaries, Jim and Becky Carlton, in a church plant located in the poor Manchay district.  God has allowed her to see fruit from those years in the lives of a number of people who are following the Lord faithfully.

In 2016 God led her to move to a remote corner of the Andes Mountains along with Peruvian missionary, Vicky Vega, to aid a national pastor in the village of Chinchil.  They worked extensively with the children, teens, and ladies.  The teaching emphasized a personal relationship with Christ and the basis of the training was Christ’s example of making disciples—they taught that believers need to reproduce spiritually.  God did much more than anticipated. Not only did He grow believers through their personal Bible reading and through their teaching, He allowed them to open three Sunday School classes, train three ladies to teach, start a teen Bible study, and to hold a weekly children’s club. 

This year Emily joined Open Door Baptist Missions and is currently researching and considering new ministry opportunities in Peru.  Meanwhile, she is creating a virtual course for the Bible college.  She is teaching the ladies how to develop children’s and teens programs for their churches since they will be returning to the mountain and jungles where they will be looked to as leaders.