Craven, Jerry and Linda


Location / Oceania
Country / New Zealand
Mission Board / Gospel Fellowship Association

About Us

Jerry and Linda have been ministering in New Zealand for nearly 17 years.  They both graduated from BJU and  met at Faith Baptist Church.  They were married in 1988.   In 1994, Jerry and Linda had the opportunity to be furlough replacements for a missionary couple in New Zealand.  During that year of service the Lord confirmed in their hearts that New Zealand was the place for them.  Upon their return to the USA, they applied and were accepted as new missionary candidates to a new field for GFA.

In 1998 they returned to New Zealand and assisted veteran missionaries Steve and Esther Cruice.  At the end of that year a struggling church, Taupo Bible Church, asked if they would come and assume the pastoral leadership. After almost 16 years God has blessed them with a congregation of 70 to 80 people.  In 2006 God’s blessing and provision enabled the small congregation to purchase property with a view to building their own church in the future.