Fitzgerald, Buddy and Loren


Location / South America
Country / Peru
Mission Board / Baptist World Mission

About Us

Buddy and Loren grew up in very different areas, with very different backgrounds. Buddy was born and raised in Greenville, SC in a good church. God graciously provided a loving home and he attended Bob Jones from kindergarten through grad-school. He made a profession of faith at a young age, but continually had doubts until the age of 18 when God did a thorough work in his heart.

Loren was born in New York City, and only briefly attended church before her parents were divorced, and the home was torn apart. God mercifully brought the family back to himself through some very tough circumstances. Loren was the first saved in her house and was used of God to bring many other family members to the Lord.

Both surrendered to the Lord’s work as teenagers and believed that God would use them in a primitive or pioneer missions setting. They met at Bob Jones University and were married shortly after graduation.  They quickly joined Baptist World Mission, and God kindly brought their support in within just one year! They moved to Peru in August 2007 and were able to jump right into ministry since they already spoke Spanish. They lived in the mountains of Cusco for about 18 months where they served as furlough replacements, helped in a Bible college, and formed vital relationships. In January 2009 they moved to the jungle of Puerto Maldonado with their 3-month-old son, and began ministry there, soon planting a church, and traveling out into the surrounding villages. They began hosting many teams, interns, and medical groups, and have been influential in planting a church, starting several gospel-preaching outposts, and seeing folks called into missions. They are working on a church building project, seeking to turn the ministry over to nationals, and planning to move out into the tribal areas full time as soon as possible.