Doherty, Curt and Bev


Location / North America
Country / United States
Website / www.twqc.org
Mission Board / TW Quarter Circle Ranch

About Us

Growing up in Montana gave Curt and Bev Doherty many opportunities to be involved with horses. Since a person was never far from an opportunity to ride in many places out West, Curt rode often as a youngster, even though he lived in town. It was easier for Bev to ride, growing up on her parents’ cattle ranch, the TW Quarter Circle. She handled her own horse on her first cattle drive at age three and began starting and training horses at age eleven. Not only did Bev win numerous awards herself in horse shows during high school and college, but the horses she started and trained for others also won competitions in high school nationals, college nationals, and the pro rodeo circuit.

Five years after they met and married at Montana State University where they both earned degrees in secondary education, they each received Christ as Saviour. That began a career in Christian schools, where they remained for 33 years. In 2002, the Lord opened the door for Bev to return to her western horsemanship roots and start giving riding lessons, which Curt and Bev quickly saw as a tremendous ministry opportunity. In 2003 they held their first week of horsemanship camp, and now have four weeks of camp, plus a week long Wrangler Training Camp for their summer counselors. Campers range in age from five to somewhere in the seventies. People are getting saved and discipled at camp, special demonstrations, and during the horsemanship training sessions held three days a week.

The TW Quarter Circle Ranch is an active training ground for the 35 or so volunteers who come out each week to help at the ranch. Most are BJU students, but others are BJ staff, faculty, or graduates. Several others are homeschoolers, Christian school students, or grads. All receive horsemanship training and have many ministry opportunities. The TWQC offers Netcasters soulwinning training to the volunteers to prepare them for personal evangelism opportunities.