Hickok, Kirk and Kathy


Location / South America
Country / Brazil
Mission Board / Baptist International Missions, Inc.

About Us

Kirk was born in Broadalbin, NY, on October 28, 1942.  His father was a pastor, and he was saved as a young boy.  Upon graduation from high school, he joined the Navy.  While stationed in Norfolk, VA, he met his wife, Kathy.  A neighbor she worked for when she was 16 years old witnessed to her.  She was saved shortly thereafter.   They were married in 1964 and active in a local Baptist church.  It was there that he received his calling to the mission field under the ministry of Dr. J.B. Williams of Baptist Mid-Missions.

He studied at Virginia Bible College for two years and pastored the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Suffolk, VA.  Being convinced of his call as a missionary and needing further studies, he enrolled at Bob Jones University and graduated in 1973.  The Lord led them to Baptist International Missions, Inc. that same year and in 1975 they left for Brazil with their family of six.  Their sending church is Tabernacle Baptist Church in Greenville, SC.

They made their home in Sertaozinho, a city of 38,000 (which has since grown to 113,000) located in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo with many needy cities nearby.  By 1978 they had established that church (though still meeting in a store front) and through the years they have been able to reach out to three other cities and start churches in them as well.  Today they are all self-supporting indigenous churches with their own church buildings.  They are now in a store front in the fifth city (Pradopolis) and Pastor Agenor is heading up the work, plus being the pastor in the fourth church. This was started in April and they have a few faithful people. They also have a Bible training institute in their churches to train nationals.

There are scores of cities in the state of Sao Paulo and across Brazil that still do not have a gospel witness.  Catholicism is still the reigning religion, but Brazil has hundreds of sects of Pentecostalism which teach a salvation by works and the right to demand prosperity from God.  They have liberty to preach and need laborers (for the fields are white unto harvest.)