Kweder, Tom and Selva


Location / Global
Country / United States
Mission Board / Biblical Ministries Worldwide

About Us

Tom & Selva served the Lord as missionaries to Indonesia for 20 years and lived in Russia for an additional five years.  Since January 1, 2010 they have been helping BMW (Biblical Ministries Worldwide), which has been a church planting mission since 1959, when BMW started out of Tom's home church where he was saved, baptized, and challenged into missions.  The Kweders are helping BMW develop their Tentmaking branch. 

The Kweders have, since their college days at Bob Jones, always had a burden to get the Gospel to Tribal groups and other people groups and nations which prevent or make it extremely difficult to proclaim the Gospel and especially to people groups who have no local church or Christian witness. 

Tom & Selva have worked out of Oakwood Baptist Church in Anderson, SC since 1987.  They make several mission trips a year and escort a team to China each summer which they have recruited and organized.