Zimmer, John and Jamie


Location / Oceania
Country / Micronesia
Mission Board / Biblical Ministries Worldwide

About Us

John and Jamie both had the privilege to grow up in godly Christian homes.  At an early age, God had already captivated both of their hearts and they had discovered a relationship with Jesus through trusting in Him alone for salvation. 

In God’s perfect plan, He drew them together as a couple while attending Bob Jones University.   They graduated from Bob Jones University in 1995.  The summer after graduation they were married.   The Lord led John to pursue his master’s degree at Bob Jones Seminary, which he received in 1997. 

In July of 1997, the Zimmer’s accepted the call to serve as Assistant Pastor over Youth and Family at Brookside Baptist Church.  The Church so patiently and lovingly embraced John and Jamie and as a result some of their dearest friendships were formed in those years.

Through a series of events, God led John and Jamie to begin a church-planting endeavor in the Republic of Palau.  They arrived in Palau in January 2006 and were joined by their teammates, Jon and Heather Clapp the following year.  In the fall of 2017, Reid and Heather Olson joined the team with a two-year commitment to invest in the people of Palau. The team’s burden is to see a church planting movement begin that will influence all of the Republic of Palau and the many surrounding islands that are unreached with the Gospel.  Each of the team members are committed to reach this goal of establishing a church planting movement through diligent evangelism, discipleship and leadership development.