Zimmer, Mark and Diane


Location / Oceania
Country / Micronesia
Mission Board / World Wide New Testament Baptist Mission

About Us

Mark and Diane met at BJU and were married in 1995.  Mark completed a BS in Marketing and Diane a BS in Speech Education.  While running his own roofing company in Greenville, SC, and attending Faith Baptist Church in Taylors, God called Mark into full time ministry.  He returned to seminary and received a Master’s degree in religious education.  While assisting in churches in NC and VA and working as a staff evangelist at Camp Chetek, God’s call to mission work became greater and after several short-term mission trips to various fields, Mark felt called to Yap, Micronesia.


Since 2004, the Zimmers have served at Yap Baptist Church where they have seen God’s work grow from only few to filling up the church building and needing to expand for the growing ministry.  They have had the privilege of working alongside locals who have been discipled, trained, and sent out through Yap Baptist Church to start their own churches on outer islands of Yap.  Currently, there are two church plants, one on Fais Island, pastored by Rollence Lug, and one on Falalop, Ulithi pastored by James Layomai. 


While the Zimmers are on furlough, Klinton Ethuemar and Truly Erra are co-pastoring Yap Baptist Church and have also shown a desire to start churches as well.  During their next term, the Zimmers are excited about the possibility of the first Yap mainland islander returning from Bible college and training to take over the responsibilities of pastoring Yap Baptist Church.  Another Yap mainland islander who is also in Bible college has also expressed the desire to return to Yap to start a church on the southern end of Yap island.  The Zimmers look forward to continuing to stand beside these men to support, encourage, and disciple them as they strive together to reach their island for Christ.