Blumer, Kris and Rose Marie


Location / South America
Country / Peru
Mission Board / World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions

About Us

In the year 2000, Kris and Rose Marie Blumer, through counseling and much prayer, followed the Lord's leading and sold their home in Florida to complete ministry training at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.  As their family expectantly watched, the Lord worked in their lives in marvelous ways while they committed their steps to the Lord.  As they follow-on step after step and seek the Lord, doors of opportunity open to fulfill the Great Commission; reaching lost souls with the gospel of Christ in Peru, South America. 

Kris reflects back to a deciding moment, "Prompted by the Lord’s leading, we traveled to Peru in the summer of 2009.  To the glory of God we are called to serve, love, and disciple in a well established work. We work daily to engage the nationals of Peru to maintain and develop autonomous and indigenous Baptist churches." 

Near Lima, the capital of Peru, born-again believers of local churches in LaMolina began extending the call in 1997 for missionary help to teach Bible classes through La Molina Christian Schools.  After their 2009 survey trip Kris said, "I have had opportunities to impact high school students with the gospel and teach lifelong biblical principles to the next generations which are upon us.  I am overwhelmed with their responses to the Word of God.  It is refreshing and obvious to us that these young minds are ready and eager to receive  Bible-truth through formal Christian instruction and experientially practice sound doctrine in their daily choices.  We have observed LMCS families and faculty working together to strengthen their families, communities, and their local churches."

Opportunities for the Blumer's abound and increase the value of their ministry beyond the classroom walls. Since their arrival to Peru 2013, they have ministered with churches that are either established by missionaries, are personally involved in new church plants, or as the case is in Antioquia, are each week evangelizing villages to begin new church plants.

As of this writing they are completing their first term on the field and have fulfilled the five year goals they started out with. Kris reports, "With God's help we are initializing for the next term a vision to 'Sow in righteousness and reap in mercy'. We currently attend to the needs of the church plant started almost three years ago near downtown Lima and continue our teaching responsibilities at LMCS.  The village ministries God is opening right now are going to be long-term challenges which need much, much prayer." 

If you would, pray God will use the Blumer's, and labor together with them for the upcoming tasks. Lastly, Kris wishes to express, "There is so, so much to do before the Lord returns and calls us home. Our calling is urgent, irrevocable, and praise God, carries blessings added to your 'Philippians 4:17 ' account. Thank you for your faithfulness in praying and providing for this important work for Christ in the country of Peru."