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Country / India
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Dr. Eda was born in a Christian family and went to a Bible believing church where he was  very active, but his knowledge of being a Christian was only outward performance.  He thought he was a Christian because he went to church, read his Bible, and was very active in his local Church.

When he was 14 years old, Dr. Eda heard a message from his Pastor from Jer. 29:33 that stated the Word of God is like a two-edged sword.  That message made him think.  He went home and his mom explained the way of salvation, and he trusted Christ as his Savior.  He continued his education; and in his final year of college, the Lord called him to be a missionary in the city of Mumbai.  His sending church is Faith Independent Bible Church of Pennsauken, NJ.  His mission board is Fundamental Baptist Ministries India (FBMI).

Mumbai has a population of 20 million.  It has much crime and more than half of the population live in slums.  He started the ministry in three centers in 1981.  Today by the grace of God they have six independent churches that are  involved in training nationals for the church planting ministry.   FBMI supports Calvary graduates in two states including Mumbai.

Dr. Eda is President of Calvary Baptist Bible College and Seminary which has 97 students.  They are also involved in taking care of orphans through Bethesda Children's Home.