How to Get Involved

How Can You Serve?

The first step toward getting involved at Faith Baptist Church is to become a member. We believe all Christians need the accountability and fellowship of a local body of believers who are committed to God and one another in the context of the church. If you are a Christian who has been Scripturally baptized, we invite you to talk to one of our pastors about joining our community of believers.

Here at Faith, we want each of our members to use his God-given gifts and talents to serve God by investing in the lives of others. Whether you’re singing in the choir or working in the nursery, you are making an essential contribution to the body life of the local church.  Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

Adult Ministries

Our adult ministries encourage each member to serve others and demonstrate biblical love for God’s people. Opportunities include Growth Groups, music groups, singles ministry, outreach and many more.

Children’s Ministries

Every week we hold a wide range of children’s programs to assist parents and disciple children. Opportunities include nursery, Growth Groups, children’s church, and Kids4Truth. If you can’t serve on a weekly basis, consider rotating in once a month or serving in our summer Bible Club outreach program.

Teen Ministries

In addition to Sunday School and youth group, our teens participate in Bible quiz, vision trips, and teen choir. Volunteers in the teen program serve as a vital encouragement and support to our young people as they develop their talents to serve God.

Special Needs

If you have a heart for those with special needs, we hope you will consider serving in one of our special needs programs.

Note: All of our children’s workers are required to receive training and certification through Ministry Safe, an organization dedicated to helping churches and ministries provide a safe environment for children.


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